Dedicated to the memory of all the men and women of the Bridgnorth area who died during the two World Wars.

War Memorials of the Bridgnorth Area

War Memorial in Castle Gardens, Bridgnorth.
St Mary Magdalene Church, Bridgnorth.
St Leonard's Church, Bridgnorth.
Bridgnorth Grammar School.

Alveley Parish Church
Astley Abbotts Parish Church.
Chelmarsh Parish Church.
Claverley Parish Church.
Ditton Priors Parish Church
Highley Parish Church.
Morville Parish Church.
Oldbury Parish Church.
Quatford Parish Church.
Quatt Parish Church.
Stanton Long Parish Church.
Stockton Parish Church
Sutton Maddock Parish Church
Tasley Parish Church.
Worfield Parish Church.

An alphabetical index of all the men named on the memorials on this website.
A list of Bridgnorth men named on memorials elsewhere.

This site began as an attempt to bring together the known details of the men who died during the First World War and whose names are recorded on the Bridgnorth War Memorial in Castle Gardens. It has since expanded somewhat and now includes details of some other memorials in the Bridgnorth area. The site also includes a selection of letters written by local soldiers, some of whom are named on the memorials.

In most cases it has been possible to identify the man behind the name with some certainty - for example where one of the sources names a man's wife or parents. In other cases, there is simply not enough information. It has sometimes been possible to identify the 'most likely' man by a process of elimination but, where the name is a common one, this has not always been possible.

Inevitably there will be mistakes. Where these have occurred I hope you will forgive me. Please let me know of errors so that I can correct them.

If you can add any information - especially if you have photos or stories about these men - I would be delighted to hear from you.

A number of men with Bridgnorth connections do not appear on any local memorial. I am collecting names and information with a view to adding a section dedicated to them. I would be grateful for any information concerning these additional names.

I have not yet added biographies of the men on the Second World War panels. I would be pleased to receive information concerning these men.

This memorial has mostly been compiled from official sources. It would be good to be able to expand it with more personal material - memories, stories, photos, etc. If you have any suitable material or any corrections please contact Greg. For news of updates follow @BridgnorthHeros on Twitter.